Aunt Maru

About five summers ago I was working as a lifeguard at the ‘Y’ after graduation. While walking home one Friday evening I noticed an unknown car parked in front of my parents’ house. This wasn’t really all that unusual since my mother made leather goods for mad money and sometimes buyers would come and purchase her entire stock. I walked in and announced myself but I there was no answer. I knew my Dad wasn’t home yet because his car wasn’t there. I figured Mom had to be out back with whoever it was. I walked through the house and out to the back porch.

“Hey! Jack, look who came to visit!” Mom said, as she pointed to a woman sitting in a lounge chair, wearing sunglasses, and drinking a beer.

It took me a moment to figure out who it was, and then it hit me. “Aunt Maru!”

My mother (Virginia) was the oldest child in her family. She had six brothers and sisters and Maru was the youngest of the bunch. There was a large gap in ages between Mom and her next closest sibling, something around 15 years. I was Mom’s only kid and she gave birth to me when she was quite young. As a result, Maru was only three years older than me. I hadn’t seen her since I was 15, three years ago. My mother was still a good-looking woman for being in her mid 40’s. She and my aunts and uncles resembled my Grandmother. All except for Maru, that is. She resembled my Grandfather. Her face reminded me of Melissa Joan Hart. Sadly, both Nana and Grand Pop had been dead for three years at that point and I missed them both very much.

“Jack, I told you I’d rather that you didn’t call me that,” she said, while taking off her sunglasses. “It makes me feel old,” she said and pouted at me.


She did have a point. We played together as kids just as if we were cousins rather than aunt and nephew. Calling her ‘Aunt’ came from my Mother who insisted on the formality.               “Go get yourself changed, Jack. Your father will be home soon and he’s bringing steaks. You’ve got grill duty, so get your stuff together,” Mom said, as she jerked her thumb at me to get going.

As I walked away, I heard Maru say, “You got yourself a hunk for a son there, Ginny. Jack was kind of scrawny the last time I saw him. He looks just like Daryl and you know how I always had a crush on your hubby.”

“Yeah, he’s all grown up now. I’m so thankful he turned out to be a good kid.” She fell silent and looked up a moment. Then she changed the subject “So did you find out how long you’re going to need to stay with us?”

“Probably 7 to 10 days. The new apartment just isn’t going to be ready before then. I didn’t count on the lease on my old place running out before the new one was ready. All my stuff is in storage except the suitcases. Are you sure you want me to stay here? I can get a room at Motel 6.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Mom. “Look, you and Jack always got along real well. Try to find out what the deal is with him and girls.”

“What do you mean?” asked Maru, suddenly concerned.

“As in there aren’t any. He never goes out with them and the only girls that call here are wrong numbers.”

“I’ll see what I can do. Besides,” said Maru, “I’ve got a favor to repay him.”

“And what would that be?” Mom asked.

“It’s between the two of us,” said Maru. “You wouldn’t understand anyway.”

“Well you might owe him a second favor when you to get eat one of the steaks he makes. He is a natural with the grill” said Mom.

“Then I’ll just have to repay both.”

That jogged my memory.

* * *
When Maru and I were both little, my mother used to baby-sit us both to give Nana a break.

From the time I was about 11, my parents started using Maru to baby-sit me. She was cute right from the beginning. She had long dark blonde hair, tall for her age and hazel eyes. She also matured rather young as well. You would have sworn she was 16 looking at her. One time when I was about 13, I had gone to bed and Maru had gone to get a shower. (She usually just stayed over if she baby-sat. After all, she was family and lived in the same school district as us. All Maru had to do was catch the bus.) The dog had started to bark like crazy downstairs, so I decided to go let him out. As I went down the hall, the bathroom door opened, and Maru bumped right into me. The towel she had on fell off, and there she stood in all her glory. We almost banged heads trying to pick up the towel. We both said “Sorry”, and continued on in the direction we were headed. By the time I was letting the dog out, the reality of what had happened started to sink in. I had never seen a naked girl before. It wasn’t even a good look either because we were both so startled when it happened, but it was a look nonetheless.

The next day I apologized to her again. She looked at me a moment and then just shrugged her shoulders. “It’s no big deal, Jack. There’re so many people in Nana’s house that sooner or later you bump into somebody naked. It happens all the time.”

‘Not in my house,’ I thought. To me it was a very big deal. Unfortunately, history did not repeat itself. That lone incident fueled many wanking sessions. By the time I turned 15, I was watching myself when my parents went out. On one such summer evening, my parents came back after 10 minutes because my Mom had forgotten something. She found me out back by the pool smoking grass.                I received a big time grounding. No TV, video games, radio or phone till school started back up.      The worst thing was I couldn’t go swimming in our pool. In other words, I was basically a prisoner for the summer.

A couple weeks after the incident, my parents wanted to go out but they didn’t trust me, so they called in 18 year old Maru. I was looking forward to seeing her, but Maru said she would only do it if her boyfriend Terry could be there. My parents agreed, much to my disappointment. By then, Maru had matured into a great looking woman. She didn’t seem so tall anymore but her body had filled out nicely.    The evening progressed. I stayed in my room reading until about 11:00 and decided to raid the refrigerator. I could hear the TV playing as I walked down the stairs. I peeked around the stair wall but I didn’t see them and they weren’t in the kitchen either. I started to think that they might have gotten bold and were in my parent’s room but they weren’t there either. That left only one place left to look, out back.

The short hall that led to the back porch was dark. Rather than bursting my way on to the porch I decided to quietly peak first. I didn’t want to embarrass them if they were doing more than discussing politics.

There was Aunt Maru giving Terry a blowjob. Their clothes lay scattered on the floor around them. I wanted to go right back into the house, not wanting to startle them, but they seemed totally oblivious of my presence. So I watched.  Terry had his eyes closed and was obviously enjoying himself. The only noise I heard came from my Aunt as she sucked and slurped at his cock. I pried my eyes away from the action long enough to check out the kneeling body that had been the fuel of my fantasies for the last three years.

Her skin was pale, a cute tight ass and D sized tits with rose-colored erect nipples that swayed in time to her sucking. Terry started to gasp. Maru pulled his cock out of her mouth just in time to receive five quick blasts of spunk. Her face was covered with cum. She started feeling around the floor for a towel, unable to see because her eyes were spunked shut. I decided it was time for a stealthy retreat.

I had new wanking fuel.

A couple weeks later the same situation came up. This time she was with a guy named Brad. 11:00 came and it was time for another “refrigerator raid”. As I came down the stairs I could again hear the TV playing. I peeked into the living room and this time they were there. They were seated on the sofa on the far side of the room looking at the TV. They could have seen me if they bothered to turn and look, but they were busy as Maru was giving Brad a handjob. Her blouse was open and her boobs were again bouncing with the tempo. I must have been psychic in my timing because I no sooner focused on what was transpiring when Brad sent four big ropes of spunk onto the coffee table and a few shorter ones on the rug. Maru got a tissue, wiped him off, and gave him a pat. She started to get up and I tried to pull back into the stairway, but I didn’t make it in time. Our eyes locked for a moment.

“Shit!” I whispered as I turned and headed up the steps.

“Shit!” I heard her say.

I went back to my room and shut the door. I had no idea what was coming next. Did people walk into each other in these situations at Nana’s house too?

Around midnight I heard a knock on my door. I didn’t answer. “Jack, can I talk to you a minute, please?” she asked meekly.

“Come in.” I said.

She opened the door and stood in front of where I was seated on the bed. A very long period of silence passed. I noticed she had changed into a nightgown that covered her from the neck to the floor. I’m pretty sure it was my Mom’s. She broke the silence first. “Do you want to talk about it or do you just want an apology?” she asked.

I didn’t know what to say.

“Come on Jack, say something. Anything. Let me know where we stand on this.”

“I guess you really like this guy a lot.” I said.

“Not really,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. “There are a lot of guys I see. Brad’s just one of them.”

“Do you do this with all your boyfriends?”

“I’m not sure if I should be talking about this. Why do you want to know?” she asked.

“I just want to know.”

She thought about it a few seconds and then said, “I like to go after all my girlfriends’ boyfriends. I like to think of them as conquests. Once I’ve seduced them I turn them loose. You know, kind of like ‘mission accomplished’. Most don’t want to be dropped and they try real hard to keep me as their girlfriend. I don’t want a steady boyfriend.”

“Do you like doing what you do to them?” I asked still looking up at her.

“Sure. I like seeing the funny expressions on their faces and the weird sounds they make. It goes along with the conquest.”

“Have you gone all the way?”

“Boy, you really have a lot of questions,” she said.

I waited.

“Okay. No I have never gone all the way. I let them play with my boobs,” she said, as she pointed to her chest. “If they insist, I let them look down there but nothing else. Some guys just need to see it. I’m still a ‘virgin’ down there.”

“Does Nana know about this?”

“No, she doesn’t.”

“What about Mom?”

“Ginny, ah, your Mom, kind of knows. She was my age once too. You still haven’t told me where we stand on this yet. Is this going to be a problem?”

I thought for a minute, trying to think what to say. I felt sorry for spying on her and sorry that she caught me. But I just couldn’t get the image of her body out of my head and her ability to nonchalantly make her boyfriends cum.

“Maru, do you remember a few years ago when we bumped into each other in the hall?” I asked.

She gave me a blank stare for a few moments and then nodded her head “Yes.”

“Ever since that night, all I ever think about is that accidental encounter. You’re the only naked girl I’ve ever seen.”

She was silent for a minute. Then she said “I’m sorry if I messed you up. It was just an accident.”

“You didn’t mess me up. I just want to see your body again. This time I’d like more than just a glimpse.”

She folded her arms and said, “I don’t think so.”

“I doubt that Nana would want to hear about tonight.” I said.

“No way, Jack!” she shouted, determinedly.

“All right.” I said. I rolled over on the bed and closed my eyes as if to sleep.



“Yes?” I said as I sat back up.

“OK. You win. But only for a minute and no touching,” she said.

I laid back down and started to ‘snore’.

“All right, all right! But no touching down there and don’t take too long. Your Mom will be back soon.”

She reached around to the back of her neck and started to undo the string.
“You know, I really don’t want to do this. You’re my nephew and you’re underage. None of the boys I see are underage. Are you sure there isn’t another way to keep this story to yourself?” she pleaded.

“I don’t think so.” I said adjusting my pants as things were beginning to get cramped down there.

She looked up at the ceiling and continued to fiddle with the string. Suddenly she stopped and looked down at me. “How about a counter offer?” she asked.I didn’t want to hear that. All I wanted was to see naked girl. I looked into her eyes and I started to see just how conflicted she was about this.

“Let’s hear it.” I said disappointedly.

“I really don’t have a problem with you being related to me. It’s the fact that your only 15. If this gets out, the family will kill me and the authorities will lock me up and throw away the key. What’s worse, getting caught for this, or fooling around on a date? I’d rather not get caught with either,” she said, still holding the strings to the gown.

“What’s the offer?” I asked.

“How about, in exchange for your silence, I up the reward, but payment’s withheld till you turn 18?”

“Why should I let you off the hook, right now? A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush,” I said smugly, obviously in the driver’s seat.

“If you agree to it, I’ll do to you what I do to my boyfriends.”

That got my full attention, but it was soon replaced with suspicion.

“How do I know this is a legitimate offer?” I asked with hooded eyes.

“I promise you. Have I ever broken a promise to you? I will repay you the first real opportunity after you turn 18.”

I thought for a minute. This was a tough one. “Any chance of a quick peek?” I asked.

“You can have one or the other, not both. I thought I was giving you a no-brainer here,” she said.

“OK. I’ll take the offer,” I said reluctantly.

I was sure I was letting a once in a lifetime situation slip through my fingers, but I just couldn’t bring myself to make her do something she didn’t want to. I knew deep down this deal was never going to be completed.

She retied the nightgown, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “I won’t forget, Jack. Just make sure you keep up your end of the bargain.”

* * *
I cooked up a storm on the grill. Everyone seemed happy and full. It was evening now and getting dark, but it was still hot out. I changed into swim trunks and jumped into the pool. The other adults disappeared into the house. Usually my Mom will turn on the light by the pool with the switch in the porch if someone is out there. Just as the light went on, it popped just like a flash bulb. A couple minutes later she yelled from the porch that we were out of bulbs. “Do you want me to steal one from the living room?” she asked.

“Don’t bother, I’m fine,” I answered.

It was completely dark out now. There was a little ambient light coming from the porch. I just floated around, enjoying the quiet, thinking about Maru and the agreement we’d made. For all I knew, the “favor” she was referring to was the couple of times I took Nana’s trash down for collection. Taking the trash down was Maru’s job. If it was trash night and my family was visiting, I would do it for her and she would say, “I owe you one.”

“So, you’re going to be a college boy, huh?”

I was so startled that I almost choked. I had been day dreaming so hard that I hadn’t notice Maru walk up to the side of the pool. She folded her arms on the side rail and rested her chin on them.

“Yeah, I start the last week of August.” I coughed.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked.

“No. Not at all, come on in. The water is pretty warm with the heat wave we’re in. You could come out here at 3 in the morning and it’d still be warm.”

She climbed the ladder and stood at the top. I could barely make out her silhouette against the stars. She lowered herself in the water and said, “You’re right about it being warm.”

She made a lap around the pool, and settled her self next to me against the wall of the pool.

“So how goes it, nephew?”

“You won’t let me call you Aunt even though Mom wants me to, but you get to call me nephew?”

“Come on, Jack, lighten up. Let me have some fun. I’m just fooling around.”

“Where’s your new apartment going to be?” I asked, changing the subject.
“It’s right over in Shelton, about 5 miles from here. It’s in a new complex called ‘The Everett House’. It’s going to be real nice. You’ll have to come see it after I move in. It’s only about 10 minutes away. I got my certification as an x-ray technician last year and my new home is literally within walking distance to the lab.” The idea of being able to see Maru more often lifted my spirits even higher than they were already.

“Your Mom says that you’re having a problem with girls. That’s kind of hard to believe. You’re a hunk and a lifeguard at the same time. I would think that you’d have trouble keeping your eyes on the pool with all the young chippies hanging around you.”

“They’re not my type,” I said.

“What do mean, ‘Not your type’?”

“I just haven’t met any girls at school or the pool that I really like, that’s all.”
After a few seconds she asked, “Jack, are you gay?”


“Good. I’d hate to think a hunk like you would have joined the other side.”

“What about you? Anybody special?” I asked.

“I thought you knew me better than that. There’s nothing serious going on, at least not on my part.” She giggled.

I did know her well enough to know that she just winked at me, even if I couldn’t see it.

Just then I heard my mother walking up to the pool. “I talked your father into taking me to see that movie I’ve been waiting for. There’s a midnight show. You guys want to go?”           I knew exactly what movie she was talking about. It was a real tearjerker. You know, the kind where every major character winds up dying after a long and debilitating bout of something. I had a feeling that Dad didn’t know what he was getting into.

“I’ll pass.” I said.

“Do I want to go?” whispered Maru into my ear.

“No.” I whispered back.

“I think I’ll pass too. Thanks for asking, Gin,” said Maru.

“Suit yourselves. It’s kind of a long movie. We won’t be home before 3 or so. We’ll see you both tomorrow.”

“Good night, Mom.”

“‘Night, Ginny.”

A few minutes later we heard the car start and drive away.

“So, how did you get so hunky, Jack?”

“I was tired of looking like Eric Forman so I started working out at the ‘Y’. That’s how I lucked into the lifeguard job.”

She squeezed my biceps and shoulders. Then she ran her hands over my chest. “Very nice,” she said, obviously impressed. The suspense of whether she remembered the agreement was becoming unbearable. I did and I didn’t want to know, but I didn’t know how to bring it up. So I tried to circle the problem. She either already remembered or hopefully, she would momentarily.

“So, are you going to see any of these boyfriends in the next week or so? Mom and Dad go out a lot.”

I figured that had to jog her memory.

“No, they don’t know were I am and I don’t want them to know,” she said, as she continued to check out my muscles.

Her touching me was having a tremendous effect on me. I had to adjust my trunks.

I thought to myself, ‘Come on Maru, give me a sign that you remember!’

“Come here. I just got to have a hug from a big hunk like you,” she said.

I swam back from her as she floated toward me. I had no intentions of letting her feel the wood in my suit straining for freedom.

“Well, I guess that shows me where I stand in your grand scheme of things,” she said, as she swam back to the ladder.

“Maru, it’s not like that at all. I’m sorry. Come on. Stay in with me.”

“Nope, I don’t feel like it anymore,” she said, as she climbed the ladder. As she started back to the porch she said, “Your Mom said I owed you one for the steak dinner. I tried to pay up and you blew it.”

All I could see of her was a silhouette until she came under the light on the porch. She had her back to me as she continued walking into the hallway to the house and she was totally naked!

“Idiot” I said to myself, as I started hitting the rim of the pool with my head.
Now I knew for sure she remembered and I just ruined it. I got out of the pool and hung my head as I walked back to the house and up to bed.

* * *
The pool was always open later on Saturdays at the “Y” so it was almost 8:30 when I arrived home. There were no cars in the driveway and the house was empty. Two notes were stuck to the fridge.                 “Your father and I went out to dinner with some friends. Either make leftovers or call out for dinner. There is $20.00 on the table if you need it. We Maru be late again. We’ve got the cell phone if you need us. – Mom.”

“Jack, I went shopping. Don’t call out, I’ll stop at The Colonel for us, be back around 9:30. – Maru”.

It was still over 80 degrees so I decided to take a swim. Through habit I hit the light switch and it took me a minute to realize that the light by the pool had been fixed. I liked swimming in the dark last night, so when I reached the pool I used the switch there to turn it out.      A short time later I heard Maru yell from the porch, “I’m back!” a moment later she was at the side of the pool. “You want dinner now or when you’re done swimming? I can always put the chicken in the fridge.”

“Marube in a little while,” I said, looking at her silhouette. “I had a rough day today. Some kid tried to kill himself by diving in the shallow end. He’s okay, though.”

“Thank goodness for that,” she said. “Do you mind if I come in? It’s still kind of hot out.”

I wasn’t expecting that after last night. That started another stir in my suit. “Sure,” I replied.

I was swimming around underwater when I noticed a light come on at the surface and two feet starting to descend the latter. I broke thru the surface of the water and there stood Maru on the ladder completely naked. She had hung her bathing suit across the side rim of the pool.

“I fixed the light today. Hey!” She pointed. “What are you doing with those on?” indicating my swim trunks. “I thought you were skinny dipping. Better put this back on.” She reached for her suit.

“Wait!” I said, and instantly my suit joined hers over the rim.

“That’s better,” she said. “So, do you like?” she asked, as she held her arms out and turned from side to side.

I was speechless. She was beautiful. Her long legs and beautiful breasts were the same as I remembered them.

“You have nothing to say? Should I leave you alone to your thoughts?” she asked, as she started to go back up the ladder.

“NO!” I shouted. “Please stay. I’ve been dreaming about this moment for three years, and I wasn’t even sure it was ever going to happen. Just give me a second to recover.”

She had stopped going up the ladder, turned back toward me and was now standing right next to the light. Now I really had a good look. Mr. Wood was coming back for a visit.

“Seen enough? Marube I should turn this light out in case we get surprised by your parents.” She turned out the light. Then she grabbed a nearby towel and unscrewed the light enough so it wouldn’t come on even if someone hit the switch on the porch.   She came back down the water and  swam over to me. “How about that hug now, nephew?”

She wrapped her legs round my waist and pulled her body to mine. The feel of her smooth skin on her back and the softness of her breasts on my chest almost made my 18-year-old hormones cause a misfire down below.

“Well I guess you’re not gay,” she said as she placed her hand on my cock.
“I hope you’ve made a few girls happy with this weapon down here,” she said, as she gave it a few short tugs.

“You’re the first person to touch it,” I said.

Now it was her turn to be surprised. “You mean to tell me that I’m the first girl you’ve been naked with and touch you? How could that happen? You’re fun, have a great sense of humor, and you’re one of the best-looking guys I’ve ever seen. How do you explain this?”

“I don’t really know how to answer that,” I said, as her hand continued its gentle milking of my cock.

“I think I know,” she said. She leaned close to my ear and whispered, “You’ve been waiting for me, haven’t you?” and then she giggled.

I reached to touch her face. “Yes.”

I don’t think she really expected that answer and a silence grew between us. The soft rippling of the water was the only sound audible. With her free hand she traced the outline of my face and stopped as her fingers settled on my lips. Gently her lips replaced them and she whispered, “Here I am nephew.”

I’d never really kissed a girl before, so I tried as hard as I could to give Maru the idea that I knew what I was doing. If she didn’t like what I was doing, she didn’t mention it until my hands wandered down a bit too far.

“Whoa, Jack!” she said, as she broke the kiss. “No matter what you Maru think, I’m still a virgin down there. You’re going to need to keep your hands north of the border.”

We kissed again and her hand continued it’s slow pace underwater. Having never had anyone other than myself touch me down there before, I failed to recognize the warning signs. I’m sure she had no clue I was that excited either.

“It’s time to tell me how you want to be paid back,” she said.

I never got the chance to answer as she felt the contractions begin. She put her arm around me and pulled me close as the orgasm ripped through me and subsided below. She kissed me on my cheek and let go of my cock. She whispered in my ear, “I’m sorry. I should have known better. I forgot that you were new to this. I can’t let this go as your payback. I’ll find another occasion.” She swam toward the ladder and climbed out. “Don’t forget your suit,” she said, and headed back to the house.

All I could do for the next few minutes was float around wondering what she had in mind next.

* * *
The next few days went by uneventfully. There always seemed to be someone home when Maru and I were. Every now and then she gave me a wink, a wet kiss on the cheek and a big wicked grin. Each time she did that, I had to go to my room and relieve the ache in my groin. I think she was getting a kick out of causing me to disappear several times a day.

* * *

My parents were planning to go to Atlantic City over the weekend. I couldn’t go because I had to work. Maru volunteered to keep me company.

Friday afternoon came and my mother was finishing packing when the phone rang. My father had slipped at work and had broken his ankle. We all piled into the car and went to the hospital to get him.

When we got there we found him standing at the emergency exit on a pair of crutches. We got him in the car and started to drive home. It was obvious they had given him something for the pain because he was slurring his words.

“There goes the weekend,” he said.

“Don’t worry about it, honey. We can do it anytime,” said Mom, as she tried to console him.

“$550.00 bucks down the drain. Damn!” he slurred.

“Honey, everything is paid for. Even the meals, right?” she asked.

“Yep,” he answered.

“Instead of just wasting it, why don’t we let Jack and Maru go? All they’ll have to pay for is the tips when they eat at the hotel.”

That came out of nowhere. The wheels were starting to turn in my head.

“How are they going to do that? There’s only one bed in the room,” he asked Mom.

“It’s a suite right? That means there’s a couch. They can take turns sleeping on it,” answered Mom.

“They’re going to come back broke and blame us,” he said, trying to keep his eyes open.

‘I don’t intend to gamble.’ I thought, looking at Maru.

“No, I won’t.” Maru and I both said, in unison.

“Keep your father and brother-in-law happy. Keep Jack off the gambling floor. He’s not legal yet and Maru, only take the cash you can afford to lose,” said Mom.

“Ditto,” said Dad, having given up the fight and let his eyes stay closed. “Just keep in mind that any room service, pay-per-view, or phone calls you make, are on you. You have to check out by Sunday at 11:00,” he slurred.
Maru and I were going to the shore!

* * *
She drove us down in her car. It took about 3 hours, but I didn’t mind the trip. My mind was on other things.

We checked into our room and the first thing that was obvious was that my parents had really splurged on this place. It was actually a 3-room suite. A living room/den complete with a dry bar, sofa and big screen TV, a bathroom with an extra sink area so you could clean up if the bathroom was in use and a bedroom with a king sized waterbed. I called from the bedroom, “Hey Maru, come look at this.”

She entered the room and came to a dead halt. She found herself looking at her reflection at different angles on every wall and the ceiling. It was wall-to-wall mirrors. “Boy, I had no idea Gin was into this stuff,” she said.

“Something tells me this was my father’s idea, and he forgot about it with the pain pills. My mother probably would have been just as surprised as us.”

It was getting late for dinner so we headed down to one of the gourmet restaurants there. We chose Italian. Even though there was a waiting list, it still only took about 30 minutes to get in. They had a large menu and everything looked delicious. It was also very expensive. We each ordered and the food came. I had veal and she had chicken. The whole time we were eating she was running her foot up and down my leg and periodically giving me a wink. The bill came. Even without drinks it was over $100.00. It was marked ‘COMP – INCLUDED’. She pulled her wallet out, dropped $20.00 on the table and said, “You get the next tip.”

As we left the restaurant, she asked, “Do you want to break some laws and go to the gaming floor? You can tell me what to place the bets on till they throw you out or do you want to hold onto your money a little longer?”

The restaurant had been warm and between the drive and the meal I was feeling a little grimy.

“I think I want to go back to the room, get a shower and change. If you want to go over, I’ll meet you there.”

“No, not really. If you feel like it after you take your shower then that’s fine.”

We went back to the room. Maru went into the bedroom and turned on the ‘smaller’ 36 inch TV. I grabbed a change of underwear and headed to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. It was one of those real fancy glass enclosed ones. The bathroom also had a Roman style bathtub with spa jets. I made a mental note of it for later.

I was fully involved shampooing my hair when I felt a gust of cold air and then the shower door clicked open and closed. A pair of hands joined mine as I continued to shampoo. Maru was behind me.

“I find a good shampoo by someone else a real turn on,” said Maru. “Let’s see if you feel the same way.”

I dropped my hands and let her go to work on my head. It felt wonderful. It had gotten the attention of “mini-me” down below. Soon he was in full salute.

She leaned her head on my shoulder and looked down. “I see you like it too,” she cooed.

She asked me to return the favor. I poured the shampoo on her shoulder length hair and tried to do the same thing she did to me. After a few moments, she gasped and visibly shuddered in front of me. I stopped and asked her if she was okay.

She heaved a huge sigh and turned to look at me. Her face was all red and her eyes were closed. “I’m fine.” She started to rinse the soap out of her hair. “You’re the first guy that has ever been able to make me cum doing that. In fact, you’re the first guy to ever make me cum, period. I usually provide my own pleasure,” she said, still trying to catch her breath.

It made sense since she wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her down there, but I never thought someone could get off getting a shampoo. You learn something new every day.

“Have you unloaded your pistol today?” she asked.


“You know…” She grabbed a hold of cock and gave me a few jerks.

“Oh! Ah, no,” I said, finally understanding.

“Well, how do you expect to have any fun with a round loaded in the chamber down there? I don’t want this to end in 30 seconds,” she said. “I want you to really enjoy it, especially now after that shampoo.”

She started to turn away. I thought she was getting out of the shower. Instead, she turned the water off. She grabbed the soap and lathered up her hands. She then began slow gentle milking of my cock. “We’ll get this round off and then I’ll figure out how to repay you properly.”

She looked me in the eyes and stroked my cock from the base to the tip alternating her hands. I returned her gaze. A wicked smile grew on her face. This was a totally different feel from the pool and I had no idea how long I was going to last. I raised my hands to her breasts and kneaded them softly, passing over her nipples from time to time.

“You do that nice,” she said.

“So do you,” I answered haltingly.

She changed up and began to take her hand and swirl it up and down the shaft.

I was getting close. I didn’t want to cum already, but she was right. My gun was cocked.

She stopped a second and passed her hand over my balls. “They’re feeling awful tight down there. I bet they’re really full,” she said.

I groaned, barely able to maintain eye contact. She took her free hand and placed it on the back of my head. She gently pulled us together until our foreheads we locked together, still looking into each other’s eyes.

She changed the hand action again to include a soft pass over my balls with each swirl up and down the shaft. She breathed heavily on me. Our mouths were only inches apart.

“Keep looking at me. Don’t look away. I want to see it in your eyes as well as feel it in my hand.”

I was trembling. Her breath was sweet. Her hazel eyes were on fire. She moved her mouth right up to my lips without touching them.

“Now,” she whispered to me, as her eyes stayed locked to mine. She took her hand, placed it firmly on my balls and slowly but firmly slid it up the shaft.

It came up like a volcano blasting molten lava. I almost closed my eyes but she shook the back of my head as if to say ‘don’t’. The first 4 blasts of spunk were so strong I heard them splash off her abdomen. The next 3 or 4 were nowhere as strong but I knew they were still hitting her. Finally the contractions subsided and she closed her mouth on mine.

When we broke the kiss, we both looked down and saw her belly covered with spunk as well as a large puddle under her. “I was right,” she said. “They were full.”

We ran the water again, rinsed off and went back to the bedroom. We dried ourselves and then flopped on the bed. We fooled around, tickling each other, giggling like little kids. Suddenly she hopped off the bed and went to the mini refrigerator behind the dry bar, in the living room. (I could see her reflection in the mirrors.)

“There’s nothing in there. You have to bring your own,” I said.

She opened it and pulled out a couple of cans of Bud.

“Where did they come from?”

“You’re underage for drinking. I’m not. I put them in earlier when you were admiring the mirrors in here. Want to share?” She held a can out to me.

“Thank you.” I said, after I took a gulp and passed it back to her. She took a sip, leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

“Let’s see if you’ve recovered down here,” she said. Her hand caressed my chest, moved down my abdomen and then to my cock. “Looks like you recovered,” she said, gently squeezing me. Sure enough I was rock hard again.

“I bet I can make you cum again, as fast as I want,” she giggled. “But where’s the fun in that?” Meanwhile, I had begun running my hand up and down her. Her sides were firm but her thighs were soft. I continued to pet her and kiss her softly, as she held onto me without trying to stimulate me any further.

I ran my hand down the side of her thigh to her knee, and then with back of my hand, slid back up the front of her thigh. She then did something I didn’t expect. She raised her leg to allow me access to her womanhood. I stopped moving my hand. I pulled back a little and looked at her. She looked back at me and saw the uncertainty in my eyes. She removed her hand from me and placed it on top of mine on her thigh. She then leaned forward to kiss me gently and slid my hand up to her womanhood. It twitched and she shuttered slightly. “Be gentle'” she said. “Just as I was your first, you are now my first.”

I continued to caress her down there and she stiffened, breathing hard through her nose as she continued to kiss me hard. Then she shuddered. I saw that shudder before a few hours before. If I didn’t know better I would have thought I hurt her.

“Whew, that felt good,” she said, while letting out a burst of air. She laid back on the bed and closed her eyes. I ran my hand over her stomach down to her crotch and she said “I think I’ve had enough tonight. Pass me a beer.”

I opened one and handed it to her. She drank and handed it to me. I took a couple of gulps and set it down.

“Why did you want me to do that after waiting all this time? There must have been someone else that you wanted to be with in the last 3 years,” I asked looking down at her.

“I wanted it to be someone special. The fact that you waited 3 years for me told me that you were my very special someone. I’m glad I waited for you to touch me first.”

A moment of silence passed between us.

“Lay down. I’ve got a treat in store for you,” she said.
I rolled over on my back. She moved down between my legs and without any fanfare, took me into her mouth. I had gone soft while we were talking, but I became hard as a rock in seconds. After getting me as hard as she could, she started to let saliva drip down the shaft. She lifted herself until she could wrap my cock between her tits. She started a medium rhythm up and down my shaft while holding her tits tightly closed around me. Her head was tilted up at the ceiling and was watching the action from the mirrors. I followed her gaze up and I locked eyes with her. She smiled at me. She looked down at me and stopped long enough to ask, “This is something I read about in a book. Do you like it?”

“Oh yeah,” I answered.

For the next 15 minutes, whenever it started to get dry between her tits, she would switch from lathering my cock with saliva and then placing me back between her tits.

“How you doing there, nephew?” she asked bouncing up and down on me.
“I think I’m getting the hang of this.” I said.

“That’s not what I meant, smarty pants,” she said, as she huffed up and down. “Are you getting close?”

“No, not really. I think I could last all night this way,” I answered smugly.

She stopped. “OK, wise guy. You think you can hold out against me? I’ll have you cumming in 2 minutes.”

“I don’t think so,” I said.

“Yeah, you just make sure you keep watching me,” she said.

She moved back a bit on the bed and got up on her knees. She pointed at me and then said, “You just keep looking my way. If I catch you looking away you’re done for the night.”

She hovered above my cock with her mouth. She looked at her watch. She held up her right hand. A silent count down started with her hand. 5, a finger went down, 4, another, 3, 2, 1. Her mouth came down hard and really deep this time. I felt the back of her throat with my cock. One hand went to work on my balls while the other pressed on the base of my cock. After a few seconds, she eased up on my cock and started to swirl her tongue around the head. She let go the base of my cock, reached between her legs, and started to finger herself. The other hand went to her tits, as she began moaning while she went back to impaling her face with my cock. She pulled her head up off my cock every couple of seconds just long enough to let out a loud moan, “Oh, oh, oh, ohhhh.” And then jammed it back down on my cock. Every now and then she would look up to make sure I was watching her.

Watching her mash her tits, finger her pussy at warp speed, and her moaning and thrashing about with me in her mouth was just too much to take.

“I’m going to…” is all I was able to say.

She didn’t pull off as I expected. Instead she rammed my cock as far down her throat as it would go while she started to shudder. I released a load deep in her throat. She opened her eyes a second and without moving her head she glanced at her watch.

I was already getting soft when she finally let my cock go with a plop from her mouth.

“Told yah.” She said pointing to her watch. “A minute, 50,” she said triumphantly.

She laid down next to me. “I never tried that before,” she said. “I know guys like to watch so I figured I had a good chance of beating you.”

“That was incredible, Maru.”

“You know what, nephew?” she asked. “I’m tired. How about we call it a night?”

She kissed me and rolled over and closed her eyes. I finished the open beer and turned off the light. I put my arm around her and she smiled. I slept better that night than I had ever before.

* * *
We spent Saturday walking the boardwalk, swimming in the hotel pool and eating at the gourmet restaurants. After dinner we went back to the room to have a couple of beers.

“So what do we do for an encore tonight, nephew?

“I was hoping you would have something in mind,” I answered.

“Leaving it up to me, huh? You go ahead and make yourself comfortable. I’m going downstairs to the lobby a minute.”

I got undressed and got in the bed wondering what she was up to. I thought about what she said yesterday about having a loaded pistol, so I started to play with myself. Soon I was having a grand time wanking away.

“What’s this? Started the party without me? Well, I can tell when I’m not wanted,” she said, as she huffed back out of the room.

“Wait Maru.” I jumped out of bed and went after her.

I caught her and turned her around saw that she was laughing.

“I know I told you about relieving yourself if you wanted to last, but shit, Jack. Go on. Get back in bed. I’ll be there in a minute.”

I got back in and sure enough she came back in a few seconds, stripped, and hopped in the bed.

“I’ve got a surprise. Close your eyes. No peeking.” I closed my eyes and felt her hand caress me into an erection. She then started doing something to me that I couldn’t figure out.

“All done!” she said proudly. “You can open your eyes now.”

I looked down at myself. “You are now a proud owner of your very own…condom!” she exclaimed.

She had me confused again and her face had grown serious.

“If I’m going to truly make love with someone, I can’t imagine it being anyone but you,” she said, gently brushing my hair with her fingers.

We held each other and kissed passionately for several minutes.

“I don’t know how to do this without hurting you,” I said.

“No matter how we do it it’s going to hurt. Just stop if I ask.” she said.

She reached down for me and found that I had started to go soft.

“Jack, don’t worry about it. It has to hurt the first time, that’s natural. Come on. Please, honey. I’ll be alright.”

She never called me honey before. I was always Jack or nephew.

Her hand worked me back up to full rigor. She then rolled me on top of her and positioned me just outside of her.

“Just push in slowly. I’ll guide you. I Maru stiffen up if it hurts. Just stop until I say it’s alright.”

I started to push in. She gasped. I stopped and pulled out immediately.

“No, no. You didn’t hurt me. It felt good.”

Encouraged, I tried again. This time I encountered the barrier.

“This is it, honey,” she said. “You can’t stop now. I’ll be OK.”

I pushed in. I suddenly felt a pop and I slid the rest of the way in. She froze up.

“Are you alright?” I asked. For the first time in 10 years I felt like I wanted to cry.

She was breathing hard but seemed to be slowing down. “I told you I’d be OK. Just give me a minute here.”

She was holding me close to her. She began running her hands up and down my back.

“God you’re big. I’m filled up. OK, let’s try it.”

It was kind of clumsy at first. We eventually found a rhythm that we both liked. Even with the pain she was experiencing, she soon was digging her nails in my back and shuddering with a climax.

Actually, an orgasm was the furthest thing from my mind. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t hurting her. After her orgasm, I realized that she really was doing OK, and I started anew with another rhythm we both seemed to like.

“Oh, honey. Oh. Oh. Don’t stop. Oh. Oh. Oh God, you feel good,” she whispered in my ear, as I kept up the pace.

She began to shudder again. Her pussy muscles contracted on me, and she pulled me tight to her, as her orgasm pulsed through her. That was all I could take, and I moaned with my own orgasm, and filled the condom.

We laid together for a long time, trying to catch our breath, and savoring the feeling. Finally I climbed off of her, and laid on my side facing her.

She looked at me. “Do you remember playing at Nana’s house?” I nodded. “I always had more fun playing with you than any of my friends. Even when we got older, I enjoyed coming over to your Mom’s house to baby-sit you, even though it was more like goofing around time. I really liked being with you. You were always so considerate. You even took the trash down for me at Nana’s even though I never asked you to.”

I started to say something. She put her finger on my lips and said, “Just listen. If I stop I Maru not be able to finish this.”

“As I got into high school, most of my friends had boyfriends. I didn’t want a relationship with any of the boys. So I made it a game of conquering their boyfriends, just so I wouldn’t have to get involved with any single guy. I didn’t know why I felt that way, I just did.”

“The night we bumped in the hallway was no accident. I did it to mess with your mind just like I was doing to the other guys. The next day when you apologized to me for it, I knew I was wrong to do it. Here I was messing with you and were worried about me. I realized then that you were a very special person. So I made it a point not to mess with you anymore. When you caught me with the guy on the couch it really was an accident. I wasn’t trying to mess with your head anymore. That’s why I came to your room. I wanted to do as much damage control as I could. I didn’t want you to hate me. When you asked to see me naked I was actually going to do it. Then I realized, that by doing so would screw everything up between us even more, possibly beyond repair. I had to somehow find a way out of it. If you had been any other guy it would have been no big deal. But it was you, and I had a soft spot in my heart for you. That’s why I offered the alternative. At least it bought time, and Marube I never would have to go through with it.”

“During the course of the next few days, I stopped seeing all of the guys in my life. I didn’t know why. I just had no interest. Last weekend when your mother told me that you had no interest in girls, I got scared that I had screwed with you beyond repair. When you walked on that porch, my heart went up in my throat. I’ve never had that feeling before. I assumed that it was apprehension about seeing you again, not knowing if we were still friends. That first night in the pool, I thought you were skinny-dipping. Who goes swimming in dark with their suit on? So I decided to join you. At least that would seem normal. I questioned you about the girls because I wanted to make sure your head was screwed on right and that you still liked me. When you wouldn’t hug me, my feelings were hurt badly. That’s why I went back to the house. I went up to my room and cried my eyes out.”

Again I tried to say something and she shushed me.

“The following night I decided that I had to know the truth. When I climbed into that water and you didn’t run I knew that you still liked me. I couldn’t control myself after that. The relief of knowing that you didn’t hate me, and this feeling that was building inside of me was too much to handle. That’s when I jumped you. When you said I was the first to touch you it dawned on me that I had been waiting for you too. Driving here yesterday gave me time to think. I started to realize what that feeling was that I had experienced on the porch when you came home.”

As she was explaining I was beginning to realize something too. Something that suddenly made a tremendous amount of sense.

“When we got here yesterday, I was almost sure. By the time you got into the shower, I knew.”

“Jack, nephew, honey, I’m sorry. I’m hopelessly in love with you.”

Tears started to fill her eyes.

“I have been waiting for you, Maru. I didn’t know it till today, but I’ve always been in love with you.” That did it. The floodgates opened. I had never seen Maru cry before. In front of people she is always a strong person. She was really letting it all out. I knew they were tears of happiness but I could also tell that there was a lot of sorrow as well. It didn’t matter how much we loved each other, it was never going to be accepted anywhere even if we had no children.

We slept the night, checked out by 11:00 and headed home.

“There has to be a way out of this, Maru.”

“Only if we do it behind everyone’s back or they repeal the incest laws.”

* * *
Later that week, Maru’s apartment was finally ready. She moved in by that Thursday, and I was back to being alone. She called every few days and we told each other how much we loved each other, not that anything could be done about it. My mother had noticed my depression. “Why don’t you take my car and go over and see Maru? You two always seem to have a good time together.”

“Marube some other time, Mom.”

By the last weekend in July she had had enough.

I came home from the “Y” and noticed Mom sitting on the porch waiting for me.

“Jack, I want you to tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing,” I lied.

“Well this ‘nothing’ is driving me nuts. Not going to tell me? OK, Marube you could tell me what’s wrong with Maru. She won’t talk to me about anything anymore either.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mom.” I looked at the ground when I answered her.

“Did something happen when you two were at the shore? That seems to be when this all started. Did you two have a fight?”

“No, Mom.”

“That’s good because she’s always liked you a lot and I’d hate to think a dumb argument would stop you two from seeing each other.”

“I like her a lot too, Mom,” I said, as I told the truth for the first time.

The silence between us was deafening.

Finally she asked the question. “Did you two sleep together?” She looked at me with stern eyes, the type that say “don’t lie to me”.

I couldn’t answer her.

“Well this explains a lot. So, you two are now so ashamed of yourselves that you’re having trouble facing the world?”

“No. We’re furious with the world because we can’t be together. Maru and I have always loved each other, we just never realized it until that weekend. Now we can’t see each other because it’s ‘forbidden’. Do you know how hard it is to love someone and not be able to tell anyone or even express your love with that person?”

My mother said nothing.

“I feel worse for Maru than myself. I think she’s close to a break down.”

My mother stared off to the distance for a while. I had no idea what was in store for Maru and me. All I knew was I had just ruined the relationship I had with my mother as well as my mother and her sister.

She got up and went into the house. A few minutes later she returned holding a few pictures.

“Have you seen this before?” she asked, as she handed me a photo.

It was an old picture, but recognized I it was my grandparents. “Sure, that’s Nana and Grand Pop,” I replied.

She took the photo back and handed me another one. “Did you ever see this one?”

I had to think for a minute. I didn’t remember seeing it before and the woman was definitely my grandmother but she was probably in her late teens at the time. I had no clue who the guy was. “No, I don’t think I’ve seen this before, but that’s Nana, right?”

“Yes it is. Do you know who the guy is standing next to her?” she asked.

“No I don’t,” I replied, shaking my head.

“That man is your Grandfather, Jack. He died in a car accident around 20 years ago. After a short time Nana met another man. He was a good man. He had been widowed as well. They married around the time you were born. To you he was ‘grand pop’. He was my stepfather. When he was widowed, his first wife had just given birth to a baby. Nana raised her just as if she was her own. My brothers and sisters didn’t know she wasn’t blood related. They were too young to know the difference. I knew, and Nana swore me to secrecy. There has never been a reason to tell anyone until now.”

There was silence.

“In case you’re a little slow on the uptake here, Maru isn’t related to you in any way other than through marriage.”

I looked at her, a smile growing on my face.

“I’m afraid you have a big decision to make here, Jack. If you tell her, you Maru gain a girlfriend, but it could disrupt things in other ways. What if she doesn’t take the news that she’s not related to her brothers and sisters very well? How will they react when they find out? Believe me, if you’re seeing Maru, they’ll find out.”

She waited long enough to see the smile fade from my face.

“Lastly, what happens if after finding out the truth she decides that she doesn’t love you enough to bring things out into the open?”

That had never occurred to me.

“What should I do, Mom?”

“I can’t tell you that. What I can tell you is that if you both love each other as much as you say, then the truth should be told and the hell with the rest of the family. As they say, ‘Love conquers all’, son.”

We both stood.

“I want her to know the truth, Mom. She should have the opportunity to make up her own mind. I also think the truth should come from you. She trusts you, Mom. She’s told me so.”

She nodded her head at me and went in the house to call Maru and ask her over for dinner the following evening. She tried to get out of it, but my Mother refused to take no for an answer. She came back out on the porch.
“Well, she says she’ll be here, but there’s always a chance she won’t show up. Hang in there, son.”

* * *
The next day I left the “Y” early and was home by 4:00. My mother decided to have me grill steaks again. She was going to break the news after dinner, and wanted to soften the blow with a good meal.

At 5:30, Maru’s car pulled up to the house. My heart was in my throat as I went out back and lit the grill. Maru helped my mother get the side dishes ready and it was soon time to eat.

It was a very quiet meal. My parents tried to make small talk but Maru said little. We finished dinner and cleared the table. My Dad got a couple of beers, went out to the porch, and listened to the ball game with his cast propped up on a footrest. I went in the pool. Mom and Maru stayed inside.
A few minutes later I herd somebody crying.


I looked toward the porch and saw Maru come running out of the house, crying all the way. She ran past my Dad, through the yard, climbed the pool ladder, and jumped into pool clothes and all. She swam to me, put me in a bear hug, and started repeating between sobs, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” I held her close as I turned to look back at the porch. My Mom was leaning on the doorway into the house with her arms crossed and a huge smile on her face. My Dad lifted his beer up in salute in one hand and gave me a thumbs-up with the other. I guess Mom had told him about it too.

We dated the whole time I went to college. Sometimes she would come to campus to visit and she always brought me home on school breaks. The summer I graduated we got married. I can’t imagine myself with anyone else.

Our whole family was there. People couldn’t figure out which side of the aisle to sit on. My Dad gave Maru away and doubled as my best man.

At least when we watch the wedding video 10 years from now we won’t have to ask each other “Who was that?”

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